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Talent Concept
Talent concept
Talent strategy has been an important constitution in development strategy of Chunjiang. Chunjiang has been sticking to the tenet of appointment of ‘knowing how to judge and use people and bringing out the best talents in people’ and adhering to its persistent policy of ‘drawing and developing talents’, both of which are core talent strategies in Chunjiang. In its growing process, its first-rated talents root solid foundation in the same field.
“Putting people in the center’ is a major concept of corporate culture in Chunjiang. Talents are the prime resources and constitute the basis for development and competition in a Company. With broad self-development space, superior growth environment, effective performance assessment and incentive mechanism, plentiful corporate culture and fat salary, Chunjiang has a whole set of human resources management system on talent appointment, recruitment, use and development. All these help all competent people with aspirations display their talents in their respective posts and realize their ambitions. 
Our team
All staffs who have signed labor contract with the Company are employees in Chunjiang Runtian. All employees as well as contractors, labor contractors, casual laborers and interns engaging in operation activities form the team in Chunjiang Runtian. All members mentioned above are team members, groundwork for development and valuable treasures in Chunjiang Runtian.
Tasks of our team
Team task in Chunjiang Runtian puts core value concept in the Company as the guide and joint value concept as the foundation and backup. With concerted efforts, they are to attain the Company’s vision.
Qualities of our team
Occupational quality in members of Chunjiang Runtian determines the quality of its team; meanwhile, occupational quality of the team members serves as an important backup for joint value concepts in Chunjiang Runtian.
To realize tasks of the corporate team, our team members should possess the following occupational qualities:
Integrity, devotion to post and dedication;
Teamwork and collaborative spirits;
Love and gratitude;
Mastery of occupational skills required by posts they are in;
Performance of duties, being proactive and innovative, passions in work and courage to undertake job responsibilities;
Observation of rules, mechanism, conducts for behaviors and occupational morality in the Company and cherish of the occupational prestige;
Complying of management and supervision from the superiors;
Initial learning, participation in training and gradual improvement of occupational skills, post resumption capacity and individual willingness.
Administrative staffs in Chunjiang Runtian
Management staffs refer to managers in department/workshops and above as well as people taking the post at the managerial functions. Managerial staffs in Chunjiang Runtian are backbone for operation and management in the Company who display a dominant role in operational and managerial activities in the Company. Management staffs in the Company undertake the following tasks:
Formulation of work objectives in the department or posts with general goals of the Company as the guidance;
Guidance of a team to accomplish work goals;
Performance of managerial duties, implementation of managerial measures and intensification of execution capacity with work goals as the orientation;
Performance of duties, being proactive and innovative, full passions in work and courage to take work responsibilities;
Performance of duties, and focus on continuity of management and dedication of work; 
Establishment of a just and fair managerial mechanism; creation of a harmonious work atmosphere;
Formulation of responsibilities to subordinated staffs, implementation of monitoring, management, evaluation and rating on work done by subordinates, indication of work orientation and criterions in work and provision of help on boosting work efficiency in employees;
Arousing work enthusiasm and energy of subordinates; helping employees improve their work sills and realize their position values;
Showing care on employees’ growth, taking responsibility for training and development of subordinates and bearing the intention to accomplishing others;
Timely reporting issues arising in the department or post to the superiors without concealment;
Guiding others in executing rules and mechanism of the Company, paying attention on improvement of occupational qualities and enhancing self-image and behavioral management;
Initial learning, participation in training and gradual improvement of occupational skills, post resumption capacity and individual willpower.

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